Z Fit Fitness Blog: SWING 250

One of the foundational movements we love at Z FiT TRAINING is the KettleBell Swing. It is such an efficient movement and is very taxing! Dan John wrote an excellent article about the swing :

The Metabolic Swing
By Dan John

Kettlebell swings are one of the most under-appreciated exercise in life, sport, and your gym. In fact, if all I could do for an athlete is teach him a proper swing and encourage some form of deadlift, I'd be making a huge impact.

The metabolic hit of a correct set of swings is going to be shocking. It's one of the best conditioning exercises I know. 

According to a new study coming out of the University of Wisconsin, the kettlebell snatch – which is quite similar, metabolically speaking – is equivalent to running a six-minute mile pace and burns as many calories as cross-country skiing up hill at a fast pace.

 Set a rep goal. It might be as little as 75 swings performed three days per week.

I made a goal of 250 swings per day in January and everybody asked me about my diet. It was awful and I ate and drank too much. But I started looking pretty good from the 250 swings. Yes, swings work that well. - Dan John

Here is a study that was done by the Amercian Council on Exercise to see how demanding KETTLEBELL exercises on the cardiovascular system :

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) conducted a study in 2010 to see how demanding kettlebell exercises were on an athletes cardiovascular system. The study consisted of 10 volunteers (all experienced kettlebell users) ranging in ages from 29 to 46 years.

The first test given to the athletes was a five-minute kettlebell VO2 max snatch test to establish a baseline for their overall kettlebell fitness. Each athlete’s heart rate and oxygen consumption were monitored carefully during the test. Once the baseline was determined for the group, ACE put the athlete’s through a 20-minute kettlebell circuit while monitoring heart rates at 60-second intervals.

The average aerobic calorie burn for the 20-minute workout was 272 calories. Using a formula to estimate oxygen consumption, ACE was able to determine the athlete’s were burning 13.6 calories a minute aerobically. ACE also found that the athletes were burning an additional 6.6 calories per minute anaerobically. Overall, the athletes were burning 20.2 calories a minute, an amazing 1,212 calories an hour!

 With this information you can see why KETTLEBELLS are such an important tool in what Z FiT TRAINING does! So much so that we have started a 30 day KB Swing challenge called SWING 250. Rules are simple complete 250 two handed KB swings every day for 30 days. Men should use a KB weighing 35lbs or more and women 20lbs or more (these are suggestions). Enjoy, have fun, be safe and SWING AWAY!!!!


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