Z Fit Fitness Blog: A pound of mucle weighs more than a pound of fat.... REALLY????

A pound of mucle weighs more than a pound of fat.... REALLY????
I hear this too many times to count and each time it blows my mind. It goes to show that when it comes to nutrition and fitness the general population goes brain dead! How can someone actually believe that 1lbs of fat actually weighs less than 1lbs of muscle? I believe this is result of someone trying to justify their weight gain during their fitness journey. The truth is 1lbs of anything will weigh the exact same as 1lbs of anything else! Fat vs. Muscle is NO exception. Don't get bummed out though there is good news coming, I think the misinformation is actually just a twisted version of the actual reason you may see in increase on the scale.
Muscle takes up MUCH less room than fat pound for pound!!! So that means that you can be losing fat and replacing it with lean muscle mass, which can lead to your clothes fitting more loose and at the same time your scale showing you heavier! Do not despair, getting caught up in the number on the scale can drive you crazy! I recommend you go by bodyfat % and also by how you look, feel and how your clothes are fitting! 
So next time someone tells you "I gained a couple of pounds but it's because MUSCLE weighs more than FAT" just nod and smile and let them continue to pacify themselves with that wives tale! Remember bodyfat testing is a service that we offer to all current clients for free! 

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