Z Fit Fitness Blog: Swing Not Squats!

Swing Not Squats!

It is probably no surprise to any of you that I spend a lot and have spent a lot of time in the gym. I have witnessed a wide variety of things some good and a lot BAD! A lot of the bad stuff I see is due to the fact that people have never been shown the correct technique for the movement they are doing. Deadlifts for instance, that lift seems simple enough and people hear that it is a GREAT lift to add to your program however there are some very important points in that lift, one of them being to NOT round your back! I see rounded backs on 90% of the people doing this lift! However the number one and most noticeable problem I see has to do with the KETTLEBELL!!!

People are mesmerized by this CANNONBALL WITH A HANDLE, there is a raw and powerful presence emanating from them.  The problem is that as gyms are bringing these tools of METABOLIC DESTRUCTION in they are not providing any instruction. There are a ton of exercises you can do with a KB and all are effective, but the one that is most popular is the SWING. This is the one you see most people attempting at the gym and the one you see most people doing incorrectly. The swing is a HIP HINGE MOVEMENT not a SQUAT movement. This means the knees are staying slightly bent and the hip is acting as a hinge. The swing can be a phenomenal exercise when done right. If you are doing what I see most people do and that is squat instead of HINGE you are going to get fatigued sooner and you are going to kill the momentum that you would normally have doing this with a hinge movement. Another thing to remember is that it is the hip movement what creates the KB momentum so if you are not using your hips then you will compensate with your shoulders to bring the KB up. Trust me when done correctly you will feel the swing in the shoulders and CORE … you don’t need to muscle it up! Bottomline here is that if you don’t know then ask somebody and if they don’t know then ask somebody else or look up Pavel Tsatsouline and learn from him!

Performing exercises correctly is a vital thing in improving your quality of life through fitness! Make yourself a more efficient, flexible, and stronger person through correct execution of movement!


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