Z Fit Fitness Blog: Bamboozled


So I learned a lesson yesterday and I thought I would share it. Ever since training with the TRX suspension trainer I have wanted one. They have them set up at the gym I go to and I have been hooked since the first workout! I wanted to purchase one so I started looking online and found someone selling a brand new one for half the price so I jumped on that and bought it.

I got it home and put it to the test, it was great. I packed it in the carrying case and went to bed. The next day I logged onto the TRX website to register it and that’s when I found out I bought a FAKE! You see TRX has had a big problem with counterfeiters making and selling their product so they started sewing a serial number and hologram on the straps in a certain location. The TRX I bought did not have that, BAM I HAVE BEEN BAMBOOZLED!

I was fortunate in that I was able to scare the guy who sold it to me with the that of contacting the company. He refunded me money and said that someone gave him a couple of them to repay a debt and he did not know they were fake! Ya right!
Bottom line is I should have known better and should have just bought it straight from TRX. I got lucky and got my money back but others might not.

Lesson learned but it worked out okay… I just did not feel safe training on or training someone else on a counterfeit piece of equipment!

Coach Z

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