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Random Rant

Nothing really prompted this post, I really just felt like writing. Today was a non workout day and in the past a non workout day would = a super depressed and sad day for me! However now that I am using Metabolic Resistance Training as my foundation I turn my non workout days into my PREP FOR MY WORKOUT DAY.

I like to use these days to do what I like to call the THREE R’s:

REGENERATION - Foam Rolling, this helps decrease the muscle density prior to a workout to provide for a better warmup. Done after and on off days it helps aid in working out lactic acid and reducing soreness.

RECOVER - Light stretching after foam rolling… studies show that static stretching cold muscles actual works to lengthen the muscle which in turn helps increase flexibility.

REST - Just as it says… I rest, I don’t do any high intensity working out… maybe go for a walk outside or on a treadmill but not necessary. It’s more about just getting the body to relax and prepare for the workout the following day!

During my THREE R’s I am visualizing and also getting excited about the upcoming workout and getting my mind right. When you are excited to workout you will attack it with greater intensity and get the most out of your workout! #ImproveDaily

Coach Z

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