Jonathan Zambrano, Z FiT Instructor

"My constant quest for knowledge and my experiences through the many styles of exercise put me in a position to be able to help others achieve the healthy lifestyle they deserve. I never stop researching and trying the latest methods of exercise and wellbeing. Through my journey I have trained like a bodybuilder to training for speed and agility and what I have found is that my passion is in training for LONGEVITY. I want to train to achieve a lean, strong, and FUNCTIONAL body and that is what my current style of training and teaching is."

Caroline Bjorkquist, 46, Sachse

I've been training with Jonathan Zambrano and Z Fit since August 2012. I can't say enough good things about him and his classes; but I'll let my stats speak for themselves - 2.5% lose of body fat, 10 lbs and a whopping 3 inches off my HIPS ALONE!!! On top of it I've been working with a sister group to improve my running, and the two together have taken me from a 10 minute mile on a great day to an 8:30 mile!! All without any injury!! If you want to do something that will help you be a healthier person and a better athlete then this is the place to go!!

Hillary Bridges, Plano

I joined Z fit in February of 2014 because the work outs I was doing on my own were not producing results. I come from a very athletic background growing up and was unhappy with how I felt and looked after being away from my athletic past. Z fit has allowed me to gain back my confidence in my physical ability. Each workout is different and can be modified for any individual. I love the accountability aspect of the group workouts. Everyone is at a different physical level, but we are all there pushing each other with the help of Jonathan. One of my most exciting moments in the weight loss/ getting toned journey is when I picked up my wedding dress and it fit better than the day I bought it. Not only did it fit, they told me it would have to be taken in at the hips, which is personally a problem area! Its the small accomplishments that keep pushing me in class.

Brandon Vallair, 38, Wylie

What a great spin on fitness! Z Fit is the best gym replacement you can find. In the 1 hour session you're able to hit more muscle groups than you ever would at a gym and the techniques used are proven to give results. As a competitive runner, I use Z Fit to build strength, lean muscle, and make me a stronger Ultramarathon runner.