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Z FiT Your Way to Better Running
So those of you that know me also know that I am NOT a runner and really never cared to be a runner. I have nothing against runners, I actually admire the ability to endure countless hours of running and have no REAL reason to be running (like being chased by ZOMBIES, escaping a hostile group of angry monkeys, or trying to score a touchdown). I have always been into short bursts of speed used for sports such as soccer, basketball, football and ZOMBIE escape and never interested in any kind of distance running. I have however always thought that RUNNERS would benefit greatly from strength training, and there seems to be more and more research to back that up.

"A study conducted in 1988 at the University of Illinois, Chicago put runners and cyclists on a resistance-training program for 10 weeks three times per week. Not surprisingly, results showed that leg strength improved by 30 percent. What proved astounding was that, while VO2 max was not affected, quick bouts of running time improved by 13 percent and the athletes were able to ride an average of 85 minutes to exhaustion rather than the 71 minutes they could do before the training program." -  Runners World

"In another study published in 2005, researchers assigned participants different training schedules to be performed twice a week for 12 weeks. The groups included running endurance training on its own, strength circuit training on its own, endurance and strength training together and a control group. Lo and behold, the group that combined endurance and strength training improved an average of 8.6 percent in a 4K time trial, increased their V02 max by an average of 10.4 percent and ran to exhaustion 13.7 percent longer than the other groups. This study emphasizes the importance of concurrent strength and endurance training." - Runners World

With this information coming to the forefront and runners now realizing that strength training NEEDS to be a part of their training , Z FiT has been working with a couple of runners. We have worked on their strength using a 3 times a week protocol, that includes STRENGTH training, CORE work and FUNCTIONAL training, they have continued working on their speed and endurance work with "Coach B" Brandon T. Vallair at Run For Speed. One of them just completed a full marathon where she cut 32 minutes from her previous best and then a 5k the next day. She has remained injury free while gaining strength, flexibilty and increased speed. Coach B has also been working with us and he has already seen improvements :

"For everyone wondering when ZFiT Training Camps will begin to positively effect your running...it's only about 3 weeks! The first few weeks while attending his program and continuing your EXCELR8 speed sessions and running regiment, you will notice significantly higher Heart Rate and increased fatigue. Basically, easy runs won't feel so easy and nailing interval splits pretty much won't happen. Once your body becomes accustomed to the workload (and in the process turning fat to lean, fast muscle), you will begin to reap the rewards of the workouts. Caroline and I are great examples of this. Today was my FIRST run since I started ZFiT Training Camp that I was able to average a sub 8 minute easy-paced run to his training camp (have him kill me for an hour) and run back home. You also must remember, I run there with a full Nathan HPL20 Hydration Pack which holds 2 Liters of water! I can't stress enough the benefits of ZFiT and EXCELR8 speed sessions for significantly better fitness and faster race times." - Coach B

The importance of strength training is clearly evident and shown in the previous cases. At Z FiT we specialize in safe and effective training. This has also led to Z FiT and Run For Speed creating a product that will help RUNNERS achieve better times, time to exhaustion increase, and a more healthy and fit lifestyle. 

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Reader's Comments:

Might I add that before I started with Zfit and Run for Speed I ran a standard Jeff Gallaway method of running; one mile run, 1 min walk (average 11:30 pace); and after completing just 5 months I can run more than a 1/2 marathon without stopping at 1:15 minutes faster per mile (average 10:15 pace)!!
This is due to greater core strength, leg strenfth and cardiovasular endurance that I worked on with both trainers.
The system does work and I will continue to break my personal goals in 2013 by using these these workouts.

Posted by Caroline on January 03 2013, 01:03 PM