About Z Fit Training

Jonathan's Journey

I started my fitness quest back in 2007 when at the time my weight was pushing right up next to 300lbs. Having been diagnosed with hypertension , depression and suffering from high anxiety, I was put on 3 medications! One for the high blood pressure, one for the depression, and one for the anxiety even taking these medications did not help with the stress I was feeling and the sadness I had. I made the decision to join a gym and hire a trainer, I NEEDED help.
I had been an athlete all my life and remained in athletic shape up until I suffered an ankle injury and stopped my activity. Now combine that with being a new father and working a very stressful job you can see where the downfall began! I knew that I would not be able to just do this on my own so the trainer was a necessity; he helped me lay out a better nutrition plan and showed me the exercises to do. That was the push I needed. I worked with him for almost 6 months before we moved to Texas.
Once we moved to Texas, my workouts declined and the weight started coming back and I was not going to let that happen again. I began studying nutrition and exercise science and started my EXPERIMENT. I was the guinea pig in this experiment and I was determined to rid myself of this medication and disease! Through a multitude of different training methods and programs I was able to get off all three medications and drop my weight down.

My constant quest for knowledge and my experiences through the many styles of exercise put me in a position to be able to help others achieve the healthy lifestyle they deserve. I never stop researching and trying the latest methods of exercise and wellbeing. Through my journey I have trained like a bodybuilder to training for speed and agility and what I have found is that my passion is in training for LONGEVITY. I want to train to achieve a lean, strong, and FUNCTIONAL body and that is what my current style of training and teaching is.
Sure I can show you how to lift heavy weights and lift like a mass building bodybuilder, but I honestly feel that training like that is for a very small population and will not to your quality of life. Training for functional movement means training to be able to accomplish daily tasks without problem (and look good doing it). I strive to make working out fun, challenging, efficient and effective. Training this way will blast fat, strengthen you, tone you up and make you feel energized all while creating lasting results.
I feel like I was put in a place to help others with what I have learned and been through and I will not turn my back to that calling. This is my passion and I love to do it! With all this being said, if you are ready to take back control of your health and start feeling great again then I have two words for you LETS GOOOOO!!!!

- JZ